Pre-COVID 19, just about 5% of the American workforce worked from home. But by early April 2020, that number had skyrocketed to nearly half of the workforce. What does this tell us? Well, for one, it sparks a conversation about what the new workplace reality looks like. Flexibility is key, and businesses need to rethink the traditional office setting in case of another workplace shakeup.

Flex offices provide a safe alternative

In a situation like COVID-19, the office has to implement safety procedures. Think what 6-feet-distancing, staggered work schedules, and frequent disinfecting would be like to implement — in one word, hectic. Flex offices are a great alternative for a few reasons:

  • There’s a reduction in capacity of people at the company’s home office.
  • Employees can operate on their own time, which naturally staggers schedules. Some want to work early, some want to work late — the problem solves itself.
  • In case of a major crisis, this new workplace reality does not disrupt business progress as dramatically as a work-from-home mandate.

Collaboration and face-to-face interactions are still critical

Technology has been a major contributor to flexible work schedules, and video communication has allowed businesses to conduct operations online. But let’s be honest, it’s draining, and Zoom fatigue is real. Sometimes we need that collaboration and face-to-face interaction in order to produce fresh and new ideas, which is why flex spaces are the solution to minimizing screen fatigue and satisfying the need for collaboration.

Flexible working arrangements boost employee satisfaction

We already know that workplace flexibility is a major factor in career decisions. Many company policies have evolved over the years to allow for more work-life balance. However, that desire for flexibility is stronger than ever due to COVID-19. In a survey from April 2020, more than 65% of those surveyed were concerned about returning to work. Giving employees more control over their work schedule and location does boost satisfaction, but it also makes them feel safer and more controlled in a stressful time.

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